Marimba Solo 2015

Round One - (max. 15') : In following order (1), (2) as indicated-
1) One of following works:

Spiral Passages - Jon Metzger
- Variations on Dowland's Lachrimae Pavane- Keiko Abe  

(2) One free piece (min. 6'- max. 10') - see score regulation* 

Round Two
 (1) One free piece (min. 6'- max. 10') - see score regulation* 

Round Three - Semi-Final
(1) Free recital (15') - see score regulation*

Final Round - Finalist recital  -In following order (1), (2) as indicated-

(1) Free recital (20') - see score regulation*

(2) Set piece - one commssioned concertino (15')
Scores can be ordered from April 1st, 2015 by the Competition's organisation Marimba-Projects.

Marimba Ensemble (duo, trio, quartet) 

It is allowed to perform with other keyboard instruments (vibraphone, xylophone....). Notice; it is required to include in every group and/ or performed works during all rounds minimum one intensive marimba part. 

Round One 
A free varied program with a duration of maximum 20' - see score regulation*
Round Two - Semi Final 
A free varied program with a duration of maximum 20' - see score regulation*

Round Three / Final round
A free recital with a duration of maximum 30' - see score regulation*

*Score regulation
You may perform free choice pieces, which may be own compositions and/or arrangements. Marimba solo can also select works from the suggested list. It is not allowed to repeat pieces in other rounds. It will be required to send one published score or copy (with approval from the composer) of each free chosen work (except for the works which are mentioned in the suggested list). If you perform non published works and/or own works, it will be required to send attached on the allowed copies a signed declaration by the composer (personal or others), giving his/her permission to use the copies during the Competition 2015. If the organisation did not receive a copy of the scores and composers declarations, further performance of those works can be refused, due to official regulations of the Composers Society and Belgian laws.

- Upon request by the Jury and the Competition organisation, contestants should be able of presenting anytime original publications or authorised copies of all performed works. Using photocopies of published works and/or unauthorised copies of performed music is not allowed. 
- It is allowed during final round to perform works with tape which need to be provided by arrival to be verified by the technical staff.

All scores and declarations need to be send to the organisation before July 1st, 2015.
Postal address:  Marimba-projects vzw, B. Heymansplein 7, 3581 Beverlo-Belgium.

Suggested list: marimba solo
Round One: Marimbics - Markus Halt / Virgina Tate - Paul Smadbeck / FLying - Chin-Cheng Lin* / November Evening - Christopher Norton / Caméléon - Eric sammut. 
Round Two: Toccata - Anna Ignatowicz / Dance of words - Aiko Fukushima * /  Zamba para Escuchar Tu Silencio - Guillo Espel / Feel the sunlight - Ludwig Albert * / Cappucino Lovely - Chin-Cheng Lin */ 
Semi Final & Final Round: Neenah - Igor Lesnik / Robert's Park - David Edgar Brown ( mov.1& 2) / Scirocco - Michael Burrit / Sonata in B minor - J.S.Bach  / arr.LH.Stevens  (max 2 movements) /  Luminosity - Tomasz Golinski */  Magma - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic * / Iloi - Kaplan Adolpho / Velocities - Joseph Schwantner / Empty music - Frank Nuyts / Oriental Dance & Toccata - Francois Glorieux */ After Syrinx II - Richard Rodney Bennett / Marimba d'amore - Keiko Abe /  Prelude and Allegro - Mukai Kohei /  Kaleidoscope - Chin Cheng Lin */ Dances of Earth & Fire - Peter Klatzow / Merlin - Andrew Thomas / Convergence - Yoshihisa Taira / Niflheim - Csaba Zoltán Marján * / Rhytmic Caprice - Leigh Howard Stevens  /  Nimbostratus - Ludwig Albert */  Moi, jeu - Bruno Mantovani / Purity - Tomasz Golinski *.

Suggested list marimba duo
Round One: Wooden music - Rich O'Meara / Wind Sketch II - Keiko Abe / Wind in the bamboo groove II - Keiko Abe / Wind accross mountains II  - Keiko Abe / Three transformations - Andrew Thomas / Tango suite - Astor Piazolla / Small Change - Scott Lindroth / Rhythm Song for two marimbas - Paul Smadbeck / Nagoya Marimbas - Steve Reich / Flyscape - Chin Cheng Lin *.
Semi Final & Final Round: Sohum & Shakti - Jan Van Landeghem / Kundalini of playing Koalas - Jan Van Landeghem / Dyptich No 3 - Gordon Stout / Fantom Fire - Katsuhiro Tsubonoh / Hiten Seido II opus 55 - Maki Ishii / Stratocumulus - Ludwig Albert * / Scintilla Na dwa Marimbafony - Martha Ptaszynska / The absurd World II - Tomasz Golinski * / Octabones - Adi Morag / Conversation in the forest II - Keiko Abe / Reflections on Japanese children songs - Keiko Abe / Lemuria: the fallen Civilization -Csaba Zoltán Marján * / Purity II - Tomasz Golinski *

Marimba ensemble trio & quartet: for this strenght we don't suggest a list of works. As the discipline marimba duo, the candidates may perform a total free program.  

Order scores 
Available by BiNg BaNg Productions HR:
- Neenah for marimba solo  (I.Lesnik)
- Kaleidoscope for marimba solo  (C.C.Lin)
Available by Editions Francois Dhalmann FR:
- Feel the sunlight for marimba solo (L.Albert)
- Flyscape for marimba duo  (C.C.Lin)
- cappucino Lovely (C.C. Lin)
Available by Edition Svitzer DK:
- Stratocumulus for marimba duo (L.Albert
- Dance of words for marimba solo  (A.Fukushima)
- Niflheim for marimba solo (C.Z.Marján)
- Lemuria: the fallen Civilization for marimba duo  (C.Z.Marján)
- Luminosity for marimba solo (T.Golinski)
- Purity II for marimba duo (T.Golinski)
Available by Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic:
- Magma for marimba solo (N.J.Zivkovic)
- Ultimatum II for two marimbas (N.J.Zivkovic)
Available by Beurskens Music edition:
- Nimbostratus (L.Albert) 
- Flying (C.C.Lin)
Available by Tomasz Golinski:
- Purity for marimba solo ( T.Golinski)
- The absurd World II for marimba duo (T.Golinski) 

+ All competition works can be ordered by Beurskens editions and 20% reduction is offered to all candidates.

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