The Universal Marimba Competition Belgium (UMCB) under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola is acclaimed as one of the most prestigious Competitions in the World since its foundation. The winning laureates are all launched to embark their International career. The new Composition division (UCCB) focus from 2009 to support the career development of composers and to promote new creative contemporary and classic repertoire for marimba & percussion through its own musical activities, contacts with International organizations, concert- and recording productions and publishing facilities. This International praised competition is a unique event and is important for the promotion of composers and marimba performers worldwide. The fourth edition of the biennial Composition Competition will take place in 2017 simultaneously with the Universal Marimba Competition.    

Composition category: Marimba solo, marimba Chamber Music and  ensemble (from duo till quartet) 

Prize awards

1st Prize composition

-will be announced and international promoted as the first prize composition laureate of the UCCB 2017. 
-will be published and worldwide distributed by Splendid Arts Edition.
-will be added as repertory piece for the universal Marimba Competition (future editions)  

2nd Prize composition

-will be announced and international promoted as the second prize composition laureate of the UCCB 2017
-will be published and worldwide distributed by Splendid Arts Edition.
-Will be introduced as possible repertory piece of the UMCB.  

3rd Prize composition

-will be announced and international promoted as the third prize composition laureate of the UCCB 2017.
-will be published and worldwide distributed by Splendid Arts Edition.
-will be introduced as possible repertory piece of the UMCB
The winning laureates will be invited to receive their prize at the Final award ceremony of the Universal Marimba competition August 1, 2017. Notice that travel and lodging costs need to covered personally. 

Preliminary rules & regulations
- Maximum one work of each category: Marimba Solo, Marimba Chamber Music and Marimba Ensemble can enter the competition.     
- The composer can choose to send in one work for each category. !You can send a work for one single category or for all categories. 
- The duration: a minimum duration of 7 minutes and maximum 10 minutes.
- It is allowed to add extra tape!
- Scores has to be send in before June 1st, 2017 (post mark to be received by 01/06/2017).
- The works are composed for 5 octaves ranged marimbas performed with 2 to 4 mallets (each player).
- Works which are awarded a prize in any other competitions, or have been published and performed before or are scheduled to be published in the near future cannot enter the competition.
- The competitor agree that the organization owns the right to publish the winning works.
- * If the competitor is bound exclusively to another publisher, he/she shall be responsible for obtaining an exemption (clearance) to participate the competition with this work and to agree to inform clearly the title of obtained Prize and the website of the Universal Marimba Competition Belgium 2017 on further publishing's. 
- It can appear that publishing is offered to non-winning compositions. In that case the composers will be contacted by the organization after August 1, 2017. 
- The music score has to be finalized ( Sibelius, Encore or Finale sheet music) for publication review. Handwritten manuscripts are not accepted.
- Only the title, the year and date of the composition and the duration of the work may be included in the score. The composer's name may not appear in/on the score so that the selection committee can judge the scores anonymously. The organization will handle to identify a registration number on the received scores.
- The composer's name, his/her correspondence address, and the title of the work must be clearly written in the application form.
- After the application the competitor will receive a registration number to be used for all communication and identification.
- The competitor will send before June 1st,  2017 in an enclosed envelop following: 
  • A) a biography of the composer ( in English, max 150 words, on CD-R with one extra printed sample)
  • B) a commentary on the work ( in English, max 100 words, on CD-R with one extra printed sample)  
  • C) a CD-R with all finalized scores ( finale, encore or Sibelius sheet music)
  • D) 3 printed copies of each score. 
  • E) a signed declaration dated by the competitor stating that the work has been written specially for this Competition, that it has not been published and performed before and that the composer agree his work to be published by Marimba Projects Publishing. (see * in case the composer is bound exclusively to a publisher)

- Further performances during the Universal Marimba Competition may not result in charges such as rental fees for the performers, the Competition organization, radio or Cd producers.
- All entered works will be deleted. Only the selected winning compositions will be kept in the library of the UCCB and Internationally promoted.
- The participation fee is nonrefundable.
- All works received within the deadline on the address of Marimba-Projects vzw, will be judged and selected for the UCCB Prizes by an International selected jury committee.
- The jury reserves the right not to award a prize by non-appearing required level and its decisions are final.
- By entering his/her work, the competitor indicates his/her acceptance of the conditions and the decisions of the selection committee on the entry forms.
- Works by composers who do not submit to the requirements above will be disqualified.

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