The Fourth edition of the Universal marimba competition, Belgium was held from 21 till 30 July 2011, under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola in the beautiful sounding wooden ‘academiezaal’ in the town Sint-Truiden, near Brussels. The Competition celebrated its 10th anniversary. A festival was held in conjunction with the competition showcasing clinics and concerts by the jury members (I.Lesnik, L.Albert, Axoum duo, H.Murase, D.Friedman, C.C.Lin, S.Ottenbourgs, J.V.Landeghem, L.Ouderits, M.Ford) and the finalists 2007 (Mi Youne Kim, Hiromi Shigeno, M.&R.Kano) in several historical venues.

First Laureate Prize Solo & the Ludwig Albert Prize & the Public Prize: SIMONE RUBINO (IT)

First Prize Marimba Chamber Music: LUCID DUO - Irena Manolova (BG) & Tomasz Golinski (PL)

Second Laureate Prize Solo: Rostislav Sharaevskiy (RU)
Third Laureate Prize Solo: Elisabeth Galvan (USA)


Second Prize Marimba Chamber Music & Public Prize: TAKNARA PERCUSSION QUARTET (ES)
(Veronica B. Cagigao, Daniel G. Marin, Carlos G. Castaneda, Mauricio B. Loseto).


Ludwig Albert Prize Marimba Chamber Music: "INSERT TITLE" (Ben Duinker & Greg Samek (CA) marimba duo.
Igor Lesnik Prize solo: Foo Pui Yee (HK)


Awarded artists 2011 ( Igor Lesnik, Mark Ford, Jan Van Landeghem)

Jury & laureates 2011

Concerts: D.Friedman, C.C.Lin, Axoum duo…                                                                        

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